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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Pilates was recommended to me by my riding instructor some time ago to help improve on my riding posture and strengthen my core structure. It took me a while to do something about it and then one day I saw Maria’s advertisement. In January 2012, I took the plunge and can only say I regret not acting sooner. I attend a weekly mat class and have had some one-to-one reformer sessions - As a result I no longer have lower back pain and my riding position has improved. I can't thank Maria enough, she is patient, understanding and very knowledgeable. Every session is a different routine that leaves me rewarded and relaxed.

Karen S.

Maria has been my Pilates matwork teacher for the past six years on a one-to-one basis. She is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Maria always ensures that I am doing the exercises correctly, makes the sessions varied and pushes me to challenge myself and reach my full potential. I find her encouraging, supportive, patient and motivating. Pilates with Maria has strengthened my inner core, increased my overall muscle tone and strength and has improved my posture and flexibility. I would highly recommend Maria as a Pilates teacher.

Jayne C.

I first contacted Maria a year ago when I was suffering from pain and stiffness in my hips. I didn't know what to expect from Pilates, but Maria put me at ease straight away with her relaxed, friendly approach. Maria took time to understand how my body moved and the areas that needed work. I was impressed with the way Maria listened to me and was able to build on what I had told her. I then began mat classes and one-to-one sessions on the reformer. The reformer machine looked a bit scary at first but Maria introduced me gently! Within a few weeks my confidence had grown on the reformer and I found myself progressing well. The mat classes and Reformer sessions compliment each other excellently and I now go to a mat class and a one-to-one Reformer session weekly. My hip pain has reduced dramatically since I started training with Maria. My general strength and flexibility has improved tremendously, and the changes in my posture and muscle tone are visible. I highly recommend Pilates with Maria, both on the reformer and in the mat classes as a fun and effective way to improve your body and your confidence.

Catherine B.

I have found the Pilates classes a tremendous boost to my overall physical fitness. I have suffered from back problems for over 25 years and since starting Pilates I have found that my back aches far less and I am able to stand for longer than I could a short while ago. Maria is an excellent teacher whose quiet reassuring manner and encouraging presence makes the build up to a strenuous session very enjoyable

Sylvia D.

We have been doing Pilates with Maria for about four months now and can thoroughly recommend Maria’s calm, effective and knowledgeable approach. We are both in our 50s but we are already reaping the rewards – we feel stronger, more flexible and relaxed. More importantly, it has helped us to think and become aware of the ways we use our bodies everyday, be it moving around or sitting at our computers! Having suffered recurring back pain, Maria’s Pilates instruction has significantly reduced both the frequency and severity of backache, and less tension means fewer migraines! We look forward to our weekly lesson with Maria – yes, it can be hard, we are sometimes pushed beyond what we think is achievable, but through Maria’s capable and encouraging tuition we do it!

Penny & David D

Maria Hancock's knowledge and experience of Pilates is exceptional, which is coupled with a deep knowledge of human physiology. This means that levels of exercise are tailored to suit the individual students, regardless of their current ability; an ability that will improve with time, hard work and Maria's skills. The fact that she is also a natural teacher with the gift of communication is, of course, beyond value

Tony O'N

We have taken up Pilates for the first time in our 50s and have found Maria’s teaching to be excellent for us. Her manner and attention to detail are both exemplary. She visits us at home each week and changes her routines as required by our health on the day. She is very accommodating and flexible in the timing of our appointments. Our learning and our strength is improving from lesson to lesson. We’d certainly recommend Maria’s Body Profile Pilates to anyone of any age

Jill and Paul A

I felt unfit and it affected my self-esteem but I didn't have time the time/motivation to join a gym, knowing that I'm not much of a sports person. I found Maria's website and I figured a weekly class would be perfect. After just three classes it already felt like my body was waking up. I was aware of a better posture and a general happiness for doing something for my body. After six classes I started to see and feel that my body is strengthening and shaping up, it really feels good to stretch and work into every muscle and the (positive) mental effects of that are priceless. I never thought I'd see results that quickly and Maria is an excellent teacher: She's easy going and has a lovely personality. She starts by listening and informing about the body of each individual and then tailors exercises accordingly. Every class feels very personal. The exercises are a great balance between gentleness and intensity, but because of her knowledge of the body I haven't had stiff/sore muscles once. Joseph Pilates was right: "The whole world should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier". I highly recommend anyone to join, today!!

Nina D