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Terms & Conditions

To support the fair, efficient and professional running of Body Profile Pilates:

Private sessions

Payment and block bookings

All bookings can only be secured with payment.

Private sessions can be paid for on an individual basis or in block bookings of six sessions. The block booking option offers a discount on the condition that payment is made in advance and by the sixth session of each block.

All block bookings to be taken within a 3-month period. Unfortunately all payments are non-refundable.


Cancellations are charged at the full rate (i.e. ‘single session’ rate, ‘block of 6’ session rate) unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is provided by phone.

One-to-two/three/four cancellations:
In the event that one client cancels a session providing 24 hours notice or more, that session will be deferred to the next allocated slot. The other attendee/s has the option to book and pay for a private session in the original time slot, at the single one-to-one/two/three rate.

If however one client cancels a session with less than 24 hours notice the full fee is charged. If in a block, the other attendee/s may go ahead with the session as normal.

Group mat classes


Group mat classes are booked and paid for in advance by the last class of the current term to secure a place for the following term.

Missed classes & catch-up sessions

Unfortunately there are no refunds for missed classes however I offer an option to offset the fee of one missed class against a single private session. This is offered specifically to cover what was missed in class and to maintain your Pilates fitness.

It is your responsibility to book a catch-up session and this session must be taken within one month of the missed class, subject to availability.

Class term holiday allowance

As a regular class attendee with 3 months training with me you are entitled to an allowance of 2 classes (Jan-Dec) for a pre-arranged break in a block term. This is in place to offer you even more flexibility.