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It can be difficult to fit around set timetables and choosing tailored private sessions ensures the best use of your time, offering you the flexibility and convenience to schedule sessions that fit in with your commitments.

Private sessions are especially beneficial for beginners who want to learn the basics quickly, chronic back/joint pain, remedial or rehabilitation work, sports specific training, during pregnancy or simply wanting to accelerate your learning and progression.

Each session is tailored and carefully considered to suit your ability on the day as well as long term, with strong focus on your progression and overall benefit. You will learn how Pilates can best help you, your body and lifestyle to work towards achieving your goals effectively.


Virtual Zoom sessions
All private sessions have the option to be run virtually via Zoom providing you with an alternate way to maintain your Pilates fitness from the comfort of your home.

Private sessions

Private one-to-ones

The Reformer and the Wunda chair are specialised pieces of equipment offering an extremely versatile and effective workout that will strengthen and tone your body more quickly as you constantly work against the resistance of springs/pulleys.

The Reformer’s many attachments can increase the range of exercise modifications beyond those achieved on a matwork program. This is particularly beneficial for remedial or rehabilitation work as the resistance of the Reformer provides support, allowing clients with limited range of movement or injuries to safely exercise.

One of the most popular and fun attachment is the jumpboard. This converts the reformer to almost a horizontal trampoline providing a great cardiovascular challenge to your Pilates repertoire and burning more calories.

This is a powerful piece of Pilates equipment. Its small size can mislead its great capacity to build core stability, upper body strength and lower-body power. Most chair exercises are performed while sitting or standing, which provides an excellent environment for functional and athletic training for clients at any level of ability. Whether you’re looking to improve performance as an athlete, rehabilitate the body after injury and increase overall physical conditioning, the Wunda chair is very effective in developing explosive leg power integrated with core strength and good functional movement.

Equipment-based Pilates can increase the intensity of your training, providing an extra dimension to the perfect workout

Private mat groups

Private mat groups are growing increasingly popular and motivational for those who would like to train with their friends/colleagues and share a similar interest, whether it’s toning/conditioning, increasing mobility or working towards sports specific goals.

A range of props including toning circles, bands, spiky balls, weights, foam rollers and gym balls are used to further challenge you – adding fun and variety to your workout.

Private mat groups can be booked up to a maximum of four people.

Group mat classes

Due to COVID-19 safety and social distancing precautions, groups are temporarily suspended until further notice.

Matwork is a series of exercises performed on the mat using your own body weight and gravity as resistance.

These classes are recommended for those who have no major injuries who like the social aspect of a class environment and who can commit to a scheduled term block.

Group mat classes are limited to 6 people to allow for individual attention and correction. This ensures quality of teaching and progression to suit everyone’s needs from beginner to advanced. Classes run primarily during school term times (6-8 weeks) and are pre-booked and payable per term in advance.

A range of props including toning circles, bands, spiky balls, weights, foam rollers and gym balls are used to further challenge you – adding fun and variety to your workout.

Pilates for equestrians

Unlike other sports which may involve fast movements and cardiovascular fitness, in horse riding the postural adjustments are subtle and require strength and endurance.

Riding using all the body’s main muscle groups but requires more of the core postural muscles. Pilates is ideal to help build core strength, to address and improve posture, general body awareness, muscle imbalances and the all important symmetry in the saddle to enhance performance.

Whether your goal is to score a higher percent in a dressage test, jump a more balanced round or simply hacking out more comfortably, Pilates is a useful performance enhancing tool.

Pilates for cyclists

The seated position adopted when cycling significantly compromises spinal alignment and posture. This is particularly the case when riding performance road and mountain bikes.

Pilates targets the core muscles that help stabilise the rider on the bike, keeps the spine in a stable position whilst the limbs move, wasting less energy to propel the bike. Strengthening the back muscles, hip stability and learning how to properly engage and activate the core muscles is vital to maintaining strong form on the bike and help prevent injury.

For any cyclist, improving efficiency is key. The more power they can produce with less effort and maintain that power, the stronger they are as a cyclist.