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Workout 1: Gentle flow

Gentle flow (39 mins):

Designed to be a gentle flow of exercises to improve overall mobility and strength, targeting those areas we all tend to build tension around. Gentle choreography to make you feel more mobile by the end and nicely lengthened overall.

You can do this workout anywhere, with no specific equipment required.

All you will need is a mat, a cushion or two and wall space.

Workout 2: More of a challenge

A bit of a challenge (45 mins):

This is a bit more of a challenge!

Progressive choreography designed to challenge your co-ordination, improve mobility, stamina and strength with the use of dumbbells. You will feel more mobile, lengthened overall and well worked by the end of it!

All you will need is a mat, 2 x 0.5-1 kg dumbbells (or cans), a band (or scarf), a cushion and a bit of energy!