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About Maria

I am an experienced Body Control qualified Pilates Matwork and Reformer teacher. I am a member of the Body Control Pilates Association and an Academy founding member.

I have undergone extensive training to qualify to Level 4 (highest level attainable) as a Specialist Instructor in the Management of Low Back Pain and am a Back4Good Practitioner. This training has been externally accredited by SkillsActive (who oversee quality and standards for the UK health and fitness industry) and endorsed by BackCare, the UK national charity for healthier backs.

The Body Control Pilates association is renowned as a world-leading education provider for Pilates teaching and is widely seen as a benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality, with smaller classes ensuring close supervision and support.

My interest in fitness spans over 25 years. As a teenager I practised martial arts for several years (reaching 1st kyu status) and my initial interest was in strength training. I qualified and worked as a Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer, building an established clientele. It was in the early 90s after sustaining a knee injury during martial arts training that I had to seek a low impact alternative to maintaining my fitness. I was introduced to Pilates for rehabilitation and soon discovered it to be very challenging, effective and enjoyable.

After experimenting with different Pilates classes, I was drawn to the teaching style of the Body Control qualified Pilates teachers because of their level of knowledge, quality of teaching and their attention to detail. Experiencing the many benefits first hand, I was inspired to become a Body Control Pilates teacher in 2005 and found a closer personal connection that has reshaped my approach to fitness and teaching.

I feel the studio equipment/Reformer repertoire compliments my two passions of strength training and matwork Pilates by challenging stability, technique and strength through the use of the resistance springs.

As a member of the Body Control Pilates Association I regularly attend approved development courses and workshops, which I thoroughly enjoy. This offers all members a great insight into the latest medical research including evolving and innovative approaches in the teaching of Pilates. This in turn benefits you and your progress and learning.

I take a personal pride in delivering a creative experience each time I teach and gain great satisfaction in seeing the positive effects that Pilates can have on your quality of life and well-being.

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Body Control Pilates is a registered trademark used under licence

My qualifications

  • Body Control Pilates – Matwork: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Body Control Pilates – Reformer 1 & 2: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Level 4 Specialist Instructor with the Register of Exercise Professionals in the Management of Low Back Pain
  • Body Control Pilates certified Back4Good Practitioner and BackCare Professional
  • Fit to Perform – Fitness Instructor
  • Fit to Perform – Personal Trainer
  • ABC life support First Aid Certification

I enjoy continuing my own professional development by attending regular teacher workshops and courses. These include:

  • Body Control Pilates – Wunda Chair: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Cyclists
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Equestrians
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Performance
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Runners
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Skiers
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Golfers
  • Body Control Pilates – Pregnancy 1 & 2
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis & Osteopenia)
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates & Hypermobility
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates for the Older Person
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates and Parkinsons
  • Body Control Pilates – Ball course: Beginners & Intermediate
  • Body Control Pilates – Foam Roller
  • Body Control Pilates – Baby Arc equipment
  • Body Control Pilates – Understanding Long COVID and how Pilates can help
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates and the Menopause
  • Body Control Pilates – Exercise strategies for Diastasis Recti
  • Body Control Pilates – Pilates and Mental Well-being
  • Hypopressives for Pilates Teachers with Abbey Lord – Foundation and Mobilise your Fascia
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders with Philippa Satchwell
  • Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction with Dr Deane Halfpenny
  • Optimum Shoulder Function with Cameron Angus MSc MCSP MMACP
  • Mechanical Knee Pain with Kyle Blackburn
  • The Triadball with Paul McLinden
  • Triadball with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt
  • The Reformer Mat with Paul McLinden
  • Mat for Seniors with Lolita San Miguel
  • The Reformer: Variations on a Classical Theme with Lisa Bradshaw
  • Find the ‘Neutral’ and Extension/Rotation in the Pilates Matwork with Mitsi Pippa
  • Body Reading the Spine and Anatomy of Relationships with Zachery Dacuk
  • From Reformer to Walking with Bridget Montague
  • Spring in your Step – Elastic Recoil Sequences with Elizabeth Larkam
  • Putting the Heart into Pilates with Louise Knoop
  • High Intensity Power ‘HIP’ Pilates™ Matwork Foundation with Lisa Bradshaw
  • High Intensity Power ‘HIP’ Pilates™ Reformer Foundation with Lisa Bradshaw